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peer-reviewed journal articles

  1. A digital male pelvis phantom series showing anatomical variations over the course of fractionated radiotherapy treatment
    Bruce Faddegon, Martina Descovich, Katherine Chen, José Ramos-Méndez, Mack Roach, Niklas Wahl, and 3 more authors
  2. Cumulative Histograms under Uncertainty: An Application to Dose–Volume Histograms in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
    Flavia Gesualdi, and Niklas Wahl
  3. Combined BNCT-CIRT treatment planning for glioblastoma using the effect-based optimization
    Yang Han, Changran Geng, Saverio Altieri, Silva Bortolussi, Yuanhao Liu, Niklas Wahl, and 1 more author
  4. A novel inverse algorithm to solve IPO-IMPT of proton FLASH therapy with sparse filters
    Nathan Harrison, Minglei Kang, Ruirui Liu, Serdar Charyyev, Niklas Wahl, Wei Liu, and 6 more authors
  5. Superiorization of projection algorithms for linearly constrained inverse radiotherapy treatment planning
    Florian Barkmann, Yair Censor, and Niklas Wahl
  6. Ionization detail parameters and cluster dose: a mathematical model for selection of nanodosimetric quantities for use in treatment planning in charged particle radiotherapy
    Bruce A Faddegon, Eleanor A Blakely, Lucas Norberto Burigo, Yair Censor, Ivana Dokic, J Naoki D-Kondo, and 6 more authors
  7. Multivariate error modeling and uncertainty quantification using importance (re-)weighting for Monte Carlo simulations in particle transport
    Pia Stammer, Lucas Burigo, Oliver JäkelMartin Frank, and Niklas Wahl
  8. Contour Propagation for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Using Nonrigid Registration and Parameter Optimization: Case Studies in Liver and Breast Cancer
    Eliseo Vargas-Bedoya, Juan Carlos Rivera, Maria Eugenia Puerta, Aurelio Angulo, Niklas Wahl, and Gonzalo Cabal
  9. Efficient uncertainty quantification for Monte Carlo dose calculations using importance (re-)weighting
    Pia Stammer, Lucas Burigo, Oliver JäkelMartin Frank, and Niklas Wahl
  10. Joint optimization of photon – carbon ion treatments for Glioblastoma
    Amit Ben Antony Bennan, Jan UnkelbachNiklas Wahl, Patrick Salome, and Mark Bangert
  11. Long short‐term memory networks for proton dose calculation in highly heterogeneous tissues
    Ahmad Neishabouri, Niklas Wahl, Andrea Mairani, Ullrich Köthe, and Mark Bangert
  12. Combined proton-photon treatment for breast cancer
    Louise Marc, Silvia Fabiano, Niklas Wahl, Claudia Linsenmeier, Antony John Lomax, and Jan Unkelbach
  13. Analytical probabilistic modeling of dose-volume histograms
    Niklas WahlPhilipp Hennig, Hans-Peter Wieser, and Mark Bangert
  14. Impact of Gaussian uncertainty assumptions on probabilistic optimization in particle therapy
    Hans-Peter Wieser, Christian P. Karger, Niklas Wahl, and Mark Bangert
  15. matRad - an open-source treatment planning toolkit for educational purposes
    Hans-Peter Wieser, Niklas Wahl, Hubert S. Gabryś, Lucas-Raphael Müller, Giuseppe Pezzano, Johanna Winter, and 4 more authors
  16. Development of the open-source dose calculation and optimization toolkit matRad
    Hans-Peter Wieser, Eduardo Cisternas, Niklas Wahl, Silke Ulrich, Alexander Stadler, Henning Mescher, and 11 more authors
  17. JACMP
    Physically constrained voxel-based penalty adaptation for ultra-fast IMRT planning
    Niklas Wahl, Mark Bangert, Cornelis P Kamerling, Peter Ziegenhein, Gijsbert H Bol, Bas W Raaymakers, and 1 more author

peer-reviewed conference contributions

  1. PTCOG 61
    A novel method for FLASH radiotherapy: Combining FLASH with IMRT
    João Lourenço, Joana Leitão, Niklas Wahl, Filipa Baltazar, José Marques, and João Seco
  2. PTCOG 61
    On the feasibility of high-dimensional multivariate machine learning model-based outcome optimization for intensity-modulated treatment planning in proton therapy
    Tim Ortkamp, Oliver JäkelMartin Frank, and Niklas Wahl
  3. PTCOG 61
    Experimental dosimetric validation of an open-source treatment planning system for IMPT dose delivery at a horizontal PBS research beamline
    César Sepúlveda, Benjamin Gebauer, Aswin Hoffmann, Armin Lühr, Niklas Wahl, and Lucas Burigo
  4. PTCOG 61
    Time and memory efficient deterministic proton dose calculations using the dynamical low-rank approximation
    Pia Stammer, Niklas Wahl, Danny Lathouwers, and Jonas Kusch
  5. MO-0563: Youth education and outreach with the international Particle Therapy Masterclass
    Niklas Wahl, Nikolaos Charitonidis, Manjit Dosanjh, Noa Homolka, Christian Graeff, Aristeidis Mamaras, and 6 more authors
  6. DPG SMuK Frühjahrstagung
    The Particle Therapy Masterclass for targeted education and outreach on real-world application of fundamental physics
    Niklas Wahl
  7. PTCOG 60
    Determining the number of photon and particle fractions for jointly optimized combined treatments
    Amit Ben Antony Bennan, Jan Unkelbach, and Niklas Wahl
  8. PTCOG 60
    Towards a generalized (N)TCP optimization framework across modalities using classical and machine learning models
    Jennifer Hardt, Tim Ortkamp, and Niklas Wahl
  9. PTCOG 60
    Feasibility of proton SBRT FLASH treatment with dose, dose rate, and LET optimization using patient specific 3D ridge
    Ruirui Liu, Serdar Charyyev, Niklas Wahl, Wei Liu, Jun Zhou, Yang Xiaofeng, and 3 more authors
  10. PTCOG 60
    Scenario-free probabilistic proton dose optimization using expected dose influence and total variance
    Niklas Wahl, and Hans-Peter Wieser
  11. Particle therapy masterclass
    Panagiota Foka, Aristeidis Mamaras, Damir Skrjiel, Joao Seco, Christian Graeff, Marco Pulia, and 2 more authors
  12. PTCOG 59
    Degradation of particle depth dose in lung tissue: An efficient and consistent model for Monte Carlo and analytical dose calculation
    Noa Homolka, Paul Anton Meder, Lucas Burigo, Hans-Peter Wieser, Mark Bangert, Oliver Jäkel, and 2 more authors
  13. PTCOG 59
    Efficient uncertainty estimates in Monte Carlo dose calculation using importance reweighting
    Pia Stammer, Lucas Burigo, Oliver JäkelMartin Frank, and Niklas Wahl
  14. DGMP 2021
    The role of uncertainties in jointly optimised mixed carbon/photon treatments
    Martina Palkowitsch, Amit Ben Antony Bennan, and Niklas Wahl
  15. OC-0215: LSTM networks for proton dose calculation in highly heterogeneous tissues
    Ahmad Neishabouri, Niklas Wahl, Lucas Norberto Burigo, Ullrich Köthe, and Mark Bangert
  16. 19th ICCR
    Development report for the open source dose calculation and optimization toolkit matRad
    Niklas Wahl, Edgardo Doerner, Lucas Noberto Burigo, Daniel Ramirez, Ahmad Neishabouri, Amit Ben Antony Bennan, and 2 more authors
  17. 19th ICCR
    Confidence constraints for probabilistic radiotherapy treatment planning
    Niklas WahlPhilipp Hennig, Hans-Peter Wieser, and Mark Bangert
  18. 19th ICCR
    Impact of Gaussian uncertainty assumptions for probabilistic optimization considering range errors
    Hans-Peter Wieser, Christian P. Karger, Niklas Wahl, and Mark Bangert
  19. 19th ICCR
    Closed-form modeling of biological uncertainties in carbon ion therapy
    Hans-Peter Wieser, Philipp HennigNiklas Wahl, and Mark Bangert
  20. 18th ICCR
    Probabilistic proton treatment planning using accelerated analytical probabilistic modelling
    Niklas WahlPhilipp Hennig, and Mark Bangert
  21. 18th ICCR
    Analytical probabilistic modeling of range and setup uncertainties in carbon ion therapy planning
    Hans-Peter Wieser, Niklas WahlPhilipp Hennig, and Mark Bangert



  1. Analytical Models for Probabilistic Inverse Treatment Planning in Intensity-modulated Proton Therapy
    Niklas Wahl

preprints, reports and other publications

  1. BayesDose: Comprehensive proton dose prediction with model uncertainty using Bayesian LSTMs
    Luke Voss, Ahmad Neishabouri, Tim Ortkamp, Andrea Mairani, and Niklas Wahl
  2. Developing matRad, an Open-Source Dose Calculation and Optimization Toolkit for Radiation Therapy Planning
    Mark Bangert, Oliver JäkelNiklas Wahl, and Hans-Peter Wieser