Niklas Wahl


work address:

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum

INF 223 (REZ)

69120 Heidelberg

I’m a researcher at DKFZ and an expert in physical modeling, uncertainty quantification and scientific programming for radiotherapy treatment planning. With my research group Radiotherapy Optimization within the Division of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology, we develop novel algorithms for radiotherapy treatment planning, numerical dose simulation and uncertainty quantification, while concurrently advancing our open-source dose calculation and treatment planning toolkit matRad.

I enjoy playing the piano, hiking or snowboarding in the mountains (guess the respective season), or waste my free-time with excessive binge-watching or gaming.


Sep 17, 2022 Website online!

selected publications

peer-reviewed journal articles

  1. Joint optimization of photon – carbon ion treatments for Glioblastoma
    Amit Ben Antony Bennan, Jan UnkelbachNiklas Wahl, Patrick Salome, and Mark Bangert
  2. Long short‐term memory networks for proton dose calculation in highly heterogeneous tissues
    Ahmad Neishabouri, Niklas Wahl, Andrea Mairani, Ullrich Köthe, and Mark Bangert
  3. Development of the open-source dose calculation and optimization toolkit matRad
    Hans-Peter Wieser, Eduardo Cisternas, Niklas Wahl, Silke Ulrich, Alexander Stadler, Henning Mescher, and 11 more authors